Intelligent Office

The traditional office doesn’t exist anymore. Cloud services and Wi-Fi networks have made work independent of place and time. People work temporarily at their own offices, from home, in video conferences, on business trips or at subsidiaries’ offices. The activity-based office is the new way of working. That’s why we created Intelligent Office!
Best for employees

The best offices in the world will be the ones best for people to work in. Make life easier for the employees with Intelligent Desk.

  • Set time free and reduce stress
  • Happy and efficient at work
  • Staying healthy for longer

Keep employees energized!

Best for business

Office space isn’t cheap. Intelligent Desk lets you optimize the use of space without jeopardizing availability.

  • Smart facility management
  • A plan for future needs
  • Better use of resources

Utilize space now!

April Product Launch

Connect your desk with ID-connect for healthier workdays. Get utilization rate per desk, seat, zone or room with our sensors.

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Healthy Business!

Investing in employee health pays off in the long run. But there are better ways than buying a gym card. A sit-stand desk creates positive effects right in the workplace.

People are built for movement – but at the same time, we are lazy by nature… And the longer we sit, the more we put strain on our backs, legs, feet and circulation. A sit-stand desk forces us into a standing position while working – a good thing for busy bees and lazy bones alike.

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