Want to make better use of space? Do a space audit. Get an actionable utilization report customized to your needs. Then use the insight to organize your workplace and increase occupancy levels. RIO Study helps you make informed allocation decisions based on how rooms and desks are actually used. With a minimum of effort and investment!


In offices with traditional working practices desk occupancy level rarely rises above 60%. Due to meetings, training, leave and sickness etc. an average around 45% would actually be considered normal –  despite what most managers would expect. But there is no need to guess. Now there is an easy way to find out.

A space audit like RIO Study lets you make informed decisions based on how workspace is actually used. Through sensors the systems registers activity down to desk level. Based on these data it produces a utilization report that clearly shows how often desks, rooms and spaces are occupied or empty – even how often they are “claimed” but with no one there.

So stop guessing. Do a RIO Study and get the facts. Then use the insight to make smarter allocation decisions. Two months is all it takes.


RIO Study measures how desks, rooms and spaces are used throughout the workday over a representative sample of days. It uses sensors to provide real-time statistics of actual usage, and heat maps to visualize work flows. Within 2-3 months you have an actionable report that provide valuable insight into how your facility is being used.

How it works

  • Install sensors
  • Collect data (2 months = standard)
  • Map occupancy and workflow
  • Plan/optimize space based on findings